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From Gypsy as a kid to Blessed in later life

A Bit of My Story

At Apple Computer in the early years heading the Hal team, I learned the importance of thinking differently creating an experiential culture and relational marketing for the company and helped envision what has become the iPhone and iPad. I also created the Sun Bums Shopper and Sunshine Festival in Waikiki, co-wrote and launched a Broadway Show, traded fine art, and lived out of a backpack touring the vineyards of Europe. I've started and led businesses, including CEO of a publicly traded company. I focus on purpose and customer first, then the bottom line. Positive, strategic and insightful are the words that clients use to describe my style. I turn opportunity into reality with ideas that are strategic and sound. I’m positively influential and directive when it comes to empowering others to accomplish tasks. Customer focused and team oriented I often develop a quick road map that looks at the end result, helping team members understand how to accomplish the goal and making customers feeling appreciated. My entire focus is the human connection for businesses or individuals.

Corporate and Family Business Coach

Great leaders and great families surround themselves with a winning team, which includes the services of an A-Level coach. My scope of leadership coaching includes helping C-Suite executives build and manage high performing teams, supporting mid-level managers as they transition into broader leadership roles, and guiding ambitious young professionals seeking to accelerate their career advancement. I serve as a trusted advisor, and confidential mentor for executives. This can include exploring complex management issues or exploring potential scenarios and strategies before rolling out tough decisions.

Relationship Coach

Drawing on my years of experiences and training, in addition to my corporate work, I also do Life Coaching focused on relationships.  I'm not just talking romantic relationships! I'm talking about the entire spectrum of human connection. As a relationship coach, my focus is to help you develop healthier and more satisfying relationships of all kinds: couples, parents and children (youth, or adults!), between co-workers, and among friends. I help people of all diversities satisfy their hunger for more gratifying  interpersonal relationships. I help you identify tools and mindset shifts that result in improving the most important connections in your lives. A key component to my work requires an exploration of the your relationship with yourself. Whether you are processing a difficult breakup, seeking a better relationship with your parent, or want to widen your circle of close friends, as a relationship coach I walk alongside you through the process, and help you come out the other side with new skills and internal resources creating positive momentum in your life.

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